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If you are looking for a complete armed door, safe room door, bulletproof door solution, we can assist you with track and automation hardware including a bullet resistant panel that you can use as a center core and clad your own finish onto.  At this time Dado Door does not provide millwork finish doors.  The client would need to clad a material(ie MDF) onto each side of a bullet resistant center core(ie steel core or fiber core) that would be finished in the clients choice of laminating material(ie veneer). 

Dado Door has provided automation systems for safe-room doors that include several methods to lock the door when closed, the methods are sometimes requested by the client. These methods can include mag-locks, electronic-deadbolts, manual pins you can push in by hand (in case there is some power failure or other system problem) and you want to move the door manually and secure it quickly by hand.

In some cases a prefab steel pocket jamb may be required to assist with forced entry protection, so that the door can enter into a niche/receiver on the strike side jamb several inches and not be easily pried out with a tool when closed. A steel tubing frame can also be clad with a bulletproof steel material like 1/4″ AR400 steel to make the entire jamb around the door more bullet resistant. 

Get in touch to discuss your needs. 

Motorized Armored Door Kit(with bullet resistant fiberglass-resin core)

Bullet Proof Armored Dore Fiber Core
Rigid Bullet Resistant Level 3 - Level 8 Fiberglass-Resin Inner Core panels can be provided with clamps ready to install on a track system. The customer can add any material and finish over the panels. Simply glue and screw your material over the Fiberglass-Resin inner core and add finish/veneer.
Example below shows a section view of a header, track system, rollers, door clamp, bullet resistant center core with cladding on each side.
Armored Doord CAD Example1
Example below shows a floor plan view of a door with bullet resistant center core and cladding on the sides. 2" steel tubing frame clad with 1/4" bullet resistant AR400 steel sections added to the steel tubing.
Armored Door CAD Example 6
Example below shows a basic steel tubing pocket frame with AR400 type bullet resistant steel cladding the steel tubes
Armored Doord CADExample3